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What is wrong with the diesel generator?
  2021/05/28| View:163

With the widespread use of diesel generators, we have all sorts of problems with small diesel engines, so what is the reason when we run into diesel generators that does not start? It may be that the oil circuit of the engine is not smooth, the cylinder compression is not normal, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is relatively large, there is air in the oil pump, the fuel oil is used up, the oil supply pipeline is blocked or leaks, the quality of the soil is poor, the speed sensor has no feedback signal, the intake pipe is blocked, the exhaust pipe is blocked and so on, had better go to the repair shop to check.

The diesel generator did not fire, and here is why:

1. If you hear a squeak in the nozzle, it means the engine is running smoothly.

2.check the cylinder compression, if the a cylinder compression problem, it is necessary to replace the cylinder piston and piston ring.

diesel generator

3. the lubricating oil should be replaced in time, viscosity is too large will make the engine start more difficult.

4. check the fuel pump, if there is air diesel engine will not start.

5. Check your fuel tank regularly. A lack of clean fuel can also prevent a diesel engine from starting.

6. Fill the Fuel filter with fuel oil, drain the air from the interior of the pipeline, and allow all shut-off valves in the pipeline to open.

7.Check the working status of the stop valve power supply wire and the stop valve and the actuator power supply line to ensure that they are working properly.

8. Check the speed control lever to make sure it is open more than 2/3 of the way the actuator is formed. Check the intake and exhaust pipes of the diesel generator to make sure they are clear.    

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