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What problems should you pay attention to when choosing a small diesel engine?
  2023/02/14| View:117

Small diesel engine in industry, agriculture and other industries play its role, the common uses are power generation, mechanical transmission, water pump, mixer and so on. Small diesel engine power range from a few kilowatts to tens of thousands of watts, because small diesel engine size, light weight, compact structure, high reliability, easy to operate and maintain, very suitable for use in compact space environment. Although small diesel engines are commonly used, there are some problems to consider when choosing a small diesel engine. Let's take a look at what problems we need to pay attention to when buying a small diesel engine.

Small diesel engine

1、Diesel engine product performance

The performance of small diesel engine is the primary factor for us to select small diesel engine, which should be considered from the power range, average power, engine speed, load characteristics and other aspects. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the match between the engine and the application equipment is reasonable, and the thermal performance of the engine should meet certain standards.

2、Diesel engine structure

The structure design of small diesel engine should be firm, compact, fine, relatively simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, durable and reliable, can meet the requirements of users.

3、Diesel engine noise

Diesel engine will produce noise during operation, which is an important factor to pay attention to, because noise will interfere with people's normal life. Normally, a large diesel engine is about 120 decibels. And a qualified small diesel engine should have better sound insulation performance, noise below 75 decibels.

4、Diesel fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency of diesel engine is an important index to measure the fuel efficiency of engine. For small diesel engines, high fuel efficiency engines should be selected to save fuel costs, reduce emissions and reduce environmental pollution.

Small diesel engine

When buying a small diesel engine, we need to focus on the engine performance, structure, noise, fuel efficiency and other four aspects of factors to ensure the quality and safety of small diesel engines. In the selection of small diesel engine process, if you have any questions welcome to contact us at any time, we will provide you with quality products and services.