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How To Choose a Generator
  2016/05/03| View:1144

Generator Type:Home Standby GeneratorsPortable GeneratorsInverter Generators
Location Considerations:Standby power for your homePortable power for outdoor power equipment & tools at job siteQuiet power for tailgating, camping & boating
Power Usage Considerations:Power vital appliances and HVAC systemsPower air compressors, nailers, saws, hammer drills and morePower lights, heaters, fans, radios & smart phones


Home Standby Generators 

Home standby generators provide 24/7 blackout protection whether you’re home or away. It automatically supplies power within seconds of a utility outage. After power returns, the generator shuts itself off and awaits the next outage. Home standby generators are permanently installed and operate on an existing fuel supply, usually either natural gas or liquid propane gas.




  •  Decide whether you want to back up a few essential circuits or your whole house or business. The number o
     circuits you back up and the power requirements of the items on those circuits will determine which generator
     you need.

  •  An automatic weekly self-diagnostic test will validate that the unit is working properly

  •  Select models feature Quiet Test™ technology or operate at lower RPMs for reduced noise levels

  •  Galvanized steel or aluminum construction for superior corrosion resistance

  •  Pre-wired and pre-packaged transfer switches allow for easy and cost-effective installation (models 8KW – 17KW; 20KW comes pre-packaged with 200 Amp load shedding transfer switch).

Power Requirements: Overtaxing a generator reduces fuel efficiency and in some cases can damage the generator and connected equipment. It's very important to calculate the power output you need and to give yourself some wattage cushioning for running a few smaller items if need be. If you have the owner's manuals for the appliances and equipment that you want to run, find and add up the start-up wattages for each item. Otherwise, use the chart and formula below to estimate your power requirements:

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