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Increase the service life of the generator
  2016/05/25| View:259

Diesel generator set of wearing parts, including air filter, oil filter and diesel filter it three filter.To extend the use of diesel generator set stature.In the process of use.Air filter, oil filter, and reinforce diesel filter of the a protection.Give full play to their effect.
When air filter equipment, no packing outfit or wrong of the sealing gasket and rubber even acceptedAnd to ensure that all embedded in the rigor of Ann.
Use paper air filter dust cup?50-100 per work hour.To remove the dust one the soft brush brush the dust off the appearance.If the homework time over 500 damaged in childhood It should be timely replacement.
The use of oil bath type air filter 100-200 hours each assignment.Use clean diesel cleaning filter.The oil and replace it if the filter has been broken.We have to immediately replace.And pay attention to in use according to the rules to add oil.
Oil filter in the use of diesel generator set in such as not timely protection filter clogging, oil pressure to add.The relief valve open.Smooth oil directly into the river.Can aggravate the smooth appearance of wear.Affect the use of diesel generators stature.Thus Oil filter every 180-200 hours homework.Will clean one?Found broken Should the replacement In order to avoid impurities into the smooth appearance.
Diesel generator set change garments according to the use should also be clean crankcase and smooth appearance.Method is the use of engine oil, kerosene and diesel blend for washing oil After the oil discharge to wash agent cleaning.And then.Diesel generator set low homework 3 to 5 minutes.Put all wash oil to participate in the new engine oil.
Fuel supply system in a variety of fuel filter 100-200 hours each assignment?Should eliminate clutter 1 time.And the fuel tank and pipeline are all clean.When cleaning filter and seals Should be particularly careful?Found broken.Need to replace in a timely manner.
In a time of transition when the oil change respond to all parts of fuel supply system of clean.Use of diesel?Should comply with the time of begging The accumulation of purification treatment and subject to 48 hours.
Note: air filter, oil filter and fuel filter of the three filter for wearing parts when used over 500 hours.Will need to replace new one.So didn't adjust very well extends the use of diesel generating set life spans.

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