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Working Principle And Operation Regulation Of 16KW Diesel Generator

Date: 2020/20/08

Working Principle And Operation Regulation Of 16KW Diesel Generator

The 16KW diesel generator is a small power plant that uses diesel as fuel and a diesel engine as a prime mover to power a generator. The unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components.

Working Principle And Operation Regulation Of 16KW Diesel Generator

Generators are other forms of energy into electrical energy mechanical equipment, and diesel-powered generators for the mechanical equipment we call "16KW" diesel generator.

The world's first Diesel engine was invented in 1897 by Rudolf Diesel, the founder of MAN, in Augsburg, Germany. Diesel's English name is the founder's name Diesel.

Man Company is the most professional diesel engine manufacturing company in the world, with a capacity of up to 15000kW. Is a major power supplier to the marine shipping industry. The world's first diesel engines are housed in an exhibition hall at the German National Museum.


In the cylinder of the diesel engine, the clean air after air filter filtration is fully mixed with the high pressure atomized diesel oil injected by the injector nozzle. Under the upward extrusion of the Piston, the volume shrinks and the temperature rises rapidly to reach the ignition point of the diesel oil. Diesel fuel is ignited, the mixture of gas burning, rapid expansion of the volume, driving the piston down, known as "work. ". Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the thrust acting on the Piston becomes the force to drive the crankshaft through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate.

When the brushless synchronous alternator is coaxially mounted on the crankshaft of a diesel engine, the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator. Using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction' , the generator will produce an output of electromotive force, an electric current can be generated through a closed load loop.

Here's how the electric generator works at its most basic. A range of diesel and generator controls, protection devices, and loops are required to produce usable and stable power output.

Protective device

The 16KW diesel generator is composed of high integration, bus no chip microcontroller, high precision current and voltage transformer, high insulation export intermediate relay, high reliable switching power supply module and other components.

Differential protection

1. The variety is complete: the differential protection device, the variety is specially complete, may satisfy each kind of transformation and distribution station each kind of equipment each kind of protection request, this has provided the very big convenience for the transformation and distribution station design and the computer networking.

2. The hardware uses the newest chip to improve the technical advancement, the CPU uses 80C196KB, the measurement is 14-bit a/d conversion, the analog quantity input loop as many as 24, the data is processed by the DSP signal processing chip, uses the high-speed fourier Transform, the fundamental to 8th harmonic is obtained, and special software is used to correct it automatically, which ensures the high precision of measurement. Using dual-port Ram and CPU to transform data, a multi-CPU system is constructed, and CAN bus is used for communication. It has high communication rate (up to 100MHZ, generally running at 80 or 60MHZ) and strong anti-jamming ability. Through the keyboard and LCD unit can be convenient for on-site observation and a variety of protection methods and protection parameter settings.

3. The hardware design adopts special isolation and anti-interference measures in power supply, analog input, switch input and output, communication interface, etc. . It has strong anti-interference ability.

4. The software is rich in functions. In addition to the functions of measurement and protection, fault recording (1 second high-speed fault recording and 9 second dynamic fault recording) can be completed by cooperating with the upper processing computer, harmonic analysis and low current grounding line selection.

5. RS232 and CAN communication CAN be used to support a variety of telecontrol transmission protocols, and facilitate networking with various computer management systems.

6. The use of wide temperature band background 240128 large screen LCD liquid crystal display, easy to operate, beautiful display.

Standard Unit

Standard units are widely used in the general installation of computer room. The unit is mainly composed of diesel engine, generator, control system, engine base, shock absorber, cooling system, oil supply system and output protection switch.

Protective Unit

Protective units are used in outdoor places where there is no special requirement for noise. Mainly by the standard unit, the shield Shell, the smoke exhaust system and so on. Because there is no noise reduction device in the shell, it is small in size and low in cost as long as the ventilation and rain and snow protection conditions are satisfied. Open doors and windows for ventilation while the unit is in operation. The protection type power station can be used by single or multiple parallel units, which is especially suitable for the occasions with great load variation, high continuous operation reliability and low cost economic use, such as matching oil field drilling rig, etc. .

Trailer Power Station

There are two types of two-wheel trailer and four-wheel trailer, two-wheel trailer for units below 70KW and four-wheel trailer for units between 70KW and 500KW. The trailer power station is composed of standard trailer and silent type unit. It has all the features and advantages of silent type unit, and is suitable for field operation and mobile power supply. The trailer is equipped with steering mechanism, traffic warning lights and brake devices, with mechanical outriggers, shock absorbers and buffering devices. The traction device can be adjusted to meet the requirements of traffic safety. Trailer Power Station can be pre-installed cable rack and power cable to achieve rapid power supply. On urban roads and highways of Grade II and above, the tow speed of two-wheeled trailers can reach 30 km/h and that of four-wheeled trailers can reach 50 km/h.

Silent Unit

The quiet type units are widely used in outdoor or indoor noise reduction places with special requirements for environmental protection. They are mainly composed of standard units, quiet enclosures, inlet and exhaust air noise reduction devices and exhaust air noise reduction devices, the utility model is characterized in that a sound-proof and sound-absorbing layer is arranged on the sound-proof cover, the air inlet and exhaust channels are used for noise reduction, and the combination of industrial and residential mufflers is used for exhaust to reduce the noise in the high frequency band and the low frequency band respectively. The noise of Standard Silent type unit is 78 ~ 85DB (a) , and that of Super Silent type unit is 70 ~ 78DB (a) . On the basis of the standard quiet type unit, the super quiet type unit adopts more strict measures to control the noise emission, such as adopting the design of labyrinth inlet and exhaust air passage, etc. .

Super Quiet Unit

The general size are larger, manufacturing costs are also much higher than the Standard Mute Unit. Quiet units and super quiet units are usually operated, maintained and serviced outside the quiet enclosure.

Open-air power station

Low-noise shelter power stations and container power stations are generally used in outdoor places with special requirements for environmental protection. They can be placed directly in the open air for use, eliminating the need to build a machine room, at the same time, the utility model has the advantages of strong mobility and short operation period. The noise level of low noise shelter power station and container power station is 75 ~ 85DB (a) , which can be operated, maintained and repaired in the shelter and engine compartment.

Mobile Power Station on vehicle

On-board power stations are widely used in power supply emergency situations, such as communication, TV relay, highway, emergency, power supply and military. It can be equipped with electric cable Capstan, multi-outlet socket and mechanical (or hydraulic) outrigger. It can also be used in parallel for many mobile power stations. The general noise level of mobile power station on vehicle is 70 ~ 80 DB (a) .

Main uses

The 16KW diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, refers to diesel oil as fuel, diesel engine as the prime mover to drive generators to generate electricity power machinery. The unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole can be fixed on the base, positioned for use, or mounted on a trailer for mobile use. The 16KW diesel generator is a non-continuous power generating equipment. If it operates continuously for more than 12 hours, its output power will be lower than the rated power by about 90% . Although the power of the 16KW diesel generator is low, it is small, flexible, lightweight, complete, and easy to operate and maintain, so widely used in mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, as well as factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments.

Basic structure

The basic structure of the 16KW diesel generator is composed of a diesel engine and a generator, which are powered by a diesel engine.

The basic structure of diesel engine is composed of cylinder, Piston, cylinder head, intake valve, exhaust valve, Piston Pin, connecting Rod, crankshaft, bearing and flywheel. 16 diesel generator diesel engines are typically single cylinder or multi cylinder four stroke engines, here's how a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine works: The engine starts by turning the crankshaft, manually or otherwise, to move the piston up and down in a closed-top cylinder. The Piston completes four strokes in motion: intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and work (expansion) stroke, and exhaust stroke. When the Piston moves from top to bottom, the intake valve opens and fresh air filtered through the air filter enters the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. The Piston moves from the bottom up, the intake and exhaust valves are closed, the air is compressed, and the temperature and pressure are increased to complete the compression process. When the Piston is about to reach its apex, the injector sprays the filtered fuel into the combustion chamber and mixes it with high temperature and high pressure air. The resulting high pressure forces the Piston to work downward, causing the crankshaft to rotate, completion of the work trip. When the work stroke is over, the Piston moves up and down, the exhaust valve opens and the exhaust stroke is completed. Crank half a turn on each stroke. After several working cycles, the diesel engine accelerates to work gradually under the inertia of the flywheel.

The crankshaft of the diesel engine rotates to turn the generator, which has a DC generator and a alternator.

DC generator is mainly composed of generator shell, magnetic pole core, magnetic field coil, armature and carbon brush.


When the diesel engine drives the generator armature to rotate, the armature coil cuts the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field because of the residual magnetism in the magnetic pole core of the generator.

The alternator consists mainly of armature coils (called stators) made of magnetic material with alternating north and South Poles (called rotors) and silicon cast iron and wound with a series of coils. PRINCIPLE OF WORK POWER GENERATION: the Rotor is driven by the diesel engine to cut the magnetic force line in Axial Direction. The alternating magnetic poles in the stator form an alternating magnetic field in the coil core. The rotor rotates once, and the direction and size of the magnetic flux change many times, due to the transformation of the magnetic field, there will be induced current of varying size and direction in the coil and the current will be transmitted by the stator coil.

In order to protect the electrical equipment and maintain its normal work, the generator current also needs the regulator to regulate the control and so on.