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Use and Principle of 8KW Diesel Generator

Date: 2020/27/10

8KW Diesel Generatoris a kind of small power generation equipment, which uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime engine to drive the generator to generate eletricity.Mainly used for daily power supply, although the overall power Of the diesel engine group is low, but the equipment is small, flexible, simple to operate and convenient to maintain in the later stage.

Therefore, it is widely used in mines, railways, field sites, factories, hospitals and other places.There are also some places where the power grid cannot be connected, or when the power grid fails, as emergency power supply, etc.

Use and Principle of 8KW Diesel Generator

8KW Diesel Generator is the main body driving the generator to run. The clean air filtered by the air filter in the cylinder is fully combined with the atomized diesel sprayed by the fuel injection. Under the pressure of the piston upward, the volume becomes smaller and the temperature rises, thus reaching the ignition point of the diesel and being ignited.Internal gas expansion drives the piston to run, and the rotation of the diesel generator drives the rotor in turn.

With the help of electromagnetic induction principle, current is generated .At present, 8KW Diesel Generator shoulder the responsibility of national economy and domestic power supply, and will occupy an important position for a long time, developing towards energy saving, environmental protection and low noise.