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Chinese Valentine's Day
  2020/08/26| View:628

Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qijie Festival, daughter's day, Qiqiao Festival, Qiniang Association, Qixi Festival, niuniuniupo day, Qiaoxi, is a traditional Chinese folk festival. In the traditional meaning of qiqixi, qiqixi is called "qiqixi". It is a traditional custom to worship Qijie, to pray for blessings, to pray for skillful skills, to sit and watch the morning glory and Vega, to pray for marriage, and to store water on the Double Seventh Festival. With the development of history, the Chinese Valentine's day has been endowed with the beautiful love legend of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl", making it a festival symbolizing love. Therefore, it is regarded as the most romantic traditional festival in China, and has produced the cultural meaning of "Chinese Valentine's Day" in contemporary time.

As a Chinese factory, Hi-earns is wiiling to share our happiness with our friends all over the world.

Changzhou Hi-earns Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd is located at Changzhou of Jiangsu Province, which lies in the east of China with convenient transportation access. Our business specializes in 9hp diesel engine,hand start diesel engine,3KW electric diesel engine,10KW DIESEL GENERATOR,three phase silent diesel generator,open type three phase diesel generator etc. diesel engine.Hi-earns factory is established in 2005 with 25 million RMB registered capital and covers an area of seven acres. Our monthly capacity is more than 6000 sets, and our products are best-selling at home and abroad for many years. With no doubt, Hi-earns Company is one of the most influential manufactures in the field of electrical generators in China.
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