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Hi-earns staff meeting

Date: 2020/15/09

    In order to recognize the outstanding, on September 14, Hiearns organized a staff meeting, which summarized the development of the company in the first quarter to the second quarter, arranged and deployed the tasks and objectives of the third quarter to the fourth quarter, further encouraged the morale, strengthened the measures, paid close attention to the product quality, and achieved the sales target in 2020. Nearly 150 persons in charge of the company, managers of various departments and all employees attended the meeting.

   The meeting was presided over by Li Xiaomin, deputy general manager of the company. Zhang Jiabo, an employee representative, explained the importance of improving production safety awareness and eliminating potential safety hazards. Guo Suxin, Yang Jiaqun and Huang Haiyan, representatives of the staff, took the stage one by one to illustrate the improvement points of work efficiency, personal quality and product quality, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of our company.

    During this period, Li Xiaomin, deputy general manager of the company, made a speech on the embodiment of the company's management system, execution and value. At the meeting, we summarized the goals of the first quarter to the second quarter, and encouraged the family of Hairun to pursue their dreams and forge ahead bravely.





    Encourage the advanced, carry forward the typical, further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, the company will commend the outstanding employees. At the same time, each of us has the opportunity to become a role model, learn from each other, learn from each other, learn from each other in the competition, grow together and achieve together!   

    Presided over by Li Xiaomin, deputy general manager of the company, combined with various aspects of statistical data and actual performance, through open and fair on-the-spot selection, we finally selected the advanced collective, advanced individual and work record star of the first quarter to the second quarter. Zhang Wenshan, director of the production department, presents certificates and prizes to the winning teams and individuals on behalf of the company.






In the new year, new journey and new goal, we will carry forward the spirit of seizing the day and night, work hard with one heart and one mind, be realistic and pragmatic, open up and innovate, and write a new chapter for the vigorous development of classic cause!


Every honor, every award represents

The company pays close attention to every employee

We should be more loving family for ourselves

Give more effort!

Hi-earns wishes everyone a happy mid autumn festival in advance!

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