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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!Hiearns wish all family reunion

Date: 2020/06/10

The Mid-Autumn Festival has a long history. Like other traditional festivals, it has slowly developed and formed. The ancient emperors had the ritual system of offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and the moon in autumn. As early as in the book "Zhou Li", the word "Mid-Autumn" Record. Later, nobles and scholars followed suit. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, facing a bright and round moon in the sky, watching the worship and entrusting feelings, this custom spread to the folk and formed a traditional activity until the Tang Dynasty. This custom of worshipping the moon is even more recognized that the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a fixed festival. "Book of Tang Taizong Ji" records the "August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival". This festival prevailed in the Song Dynasty until the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As famous as New Year's Day, it has become one of the main domestic festivals.

The legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival are very rich. Myths such as Chang'e flying to the moon, Wu Gang cutting osmanthus, and jade rabbit pounding medicine are widely spread.

Hiearns wish all  family reunion!