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How to use diesel generator for home use
  2020/11/24| View:121

Everyone is familiar with diesel generator for home use, so what is its purpose? Let us briefly study it below. Proceed as follows:

1. First, when you receive the diesel generator for home use, the first step is to check whether the generator is damaged, because the generator may be damaged due to logistics and other reasons.

2. After it is intact, start refueling.

3. After refueling, you can add diesel (No. 0, No.-10 can be used). Pay attention to the volume of the fuel tank and the amount of fuel when refueling. After refueling, please carefully turn on the oil circuit switch below, otherwise the oil will not fall.

How to use diesel generator for home use

3. Start diesel generator for home use.

(1) The engine switch must be turned on.

(2) Press the pressure reducing valve.

(3) Open the shutter below again.

(4) The next step is to pull the rope, pay attention to pull the rope to the end and knock it to the end, otherwise there will be no sound (only need to connect the power to start the battery, just like starting the car)

It may not sound suddenly, please try a few times, because the new oil has not completely disappeared.

After the sound is made, please be careful not to bring the device immediately. Please wait 2 minutes for the machine to run normally before bringing the device. 

The start-up steps have been basically completed, the basic operations of other small diesel generators are almost the same, just follow this operation.

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