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What are the factors affecting 8kw diesel generator?

Date: 2020/17/11

To understand the influencing factors of 8kw diesel generator, we must first know the components of diesel generator set. The components generally include: diesel generator, AC synchronous generator, shock-proof frame, control system, cooling system, battery, etc. Generally there are common power and standby power; the power size is from 3kw-3000kw.

The main factors affecting the price of the 8kw diesel generator group are as follows:

1. Brand: Engine prices of different brands are different.

2. The impact of generators on price: common generators are divided into brush and brushless, and different brands of generators have different prices. Brushless and protection-free motors are generally more expensive than brushed motors.

3. Units with high power are more expensive than units with low power; common power is more expensive than standby power.


4. The impact of manufacturers on prices. Generally, the price of the manufacturer is cheaper than that of the dealer, because the intermediate difference is omitted.

5. The influence of equipment on price. For example, units equipped with silent boxes, mobile trailers, rain sheds, ATS active conversion cabinets, and four protections are more expensive than open-frame units.

What are the factors affecting 8kw diesel generator?

6. The impact of other factors on prices: shipping costs, on-site installation and commissioning fees, taxes and other costs.

In any case, when purchasing 8kw diesel generators, when paying attention to the price, the important thing is to choose the generator products suitable for your own use. It is recommended to buy from the manufacturer. Don't be too greedy to buy some unit products that do not meet the required standards to prevent unnecessary loss.