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Different situations before a diesel generator set fails
  2021/02/07| View:620

In the operation of diesel generator sets, various factors lead to different levels and types of failures. In order to reduce the occurrence ofset failures and reduce unnecessary profit losses for users. The manufacturer of Hareon Electromechanical will analyze the obvious conditions before different failures of the unit occur.

1. Engine combustion state:

During the operation of the diesel generator set, the speed suddenly drops, the load increases, the engine emits black smoke, the oil pressure drops, and the crankcase makes a "dry friction sound. This is a precursor to gas combustion. In this case, please stop the machine immediately, otherwise It will further aggravate the wear of the bearing bush, the surface of the journal will rapidly expand, the bearing bush and journal will quickly stick and lock, and the engine will stall.

Different situations before a diesel generator set fails

2. The state of the piston sticking to the cylinder:

When the diesel generator set is severely short of water, the engine is usually stuck. Before it became sticky, the engine was running slowly, the water temperature gauge showed that the temperature exceeded 100°C, and a few drops of cold water dripped on the body. There is a "hoarse" sound and white smoke, and the water droplets evaporate quickly. At this time, the engine should run at low speed or idle speed to reduce the vehicle temperature. If the engine is shut down immediately, the piston and cylinder liner will stick to the cylinder.

3. Consolidation conditions:

Cylinder ramming is a destructive mechanical failure. Except for the ramming cylinder caused by the valve falling, most of them are caused by loose connecting rod bolts. After loosening or stretching the connecting rod bolt, the matching clearance of the connecting rod bearing will increase. At this time, a "click" sound was heard in the crankcase, the knocking sound was from small to large, and finally the connecting rod bolts completely fell off or broke, the connecting rod and bearing cover were thrown away, and the body and related parts were broken.

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