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How to use 8kw diesel generator?

Date: 2021/18/02

The 8kw diesel generator rotates the alternator to generate alternating current. Used to power electrical equipment. They can be used to provide various applications such as schools, hospitals, factories and homes. They can be used as the main power source or in the event of a power failure. Diesel generators have different ratings according to the application, and there are mainly four ratings. Emergency standby (ESP) and limited time power supply (LTP) are used for standby applications, and continuous (COP) and main rated power (PRP) are used as the main power supply. Each rating is limited by the number of hours and load factor.

How to use 8kw diesel generator?

When an 8kw diesel generator is used as a backup generator, there is usually something called a transfer switch. This is a mechanical device that can stop connecting the generator to the load at the same time as the main power supply. When there is a main power source, it is necessary to connect the generator and perform special control to make it run in parallel. Without this control system, the generator may be seriously damaged and cause a fire. When the main power supply fails, connecting the generator without isolating the diesel generator from the main power supply will result in power supply to the grid, which may kill the personnel engaged in the restoration of the main power supply, and may damage the 8kw diesel when the main power supply returns generator.

When used as the main power source (for example, when there is no main power source or the main power source is too poor to use), this is called "islanding mode". Where there is a greater requirement for power, a process called synchronization can be used to connect multiple smaller units in parallel.