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How much do you know about 4 inch water pump?

Date: 2021/17/03

In many cases, 4 inch water pumps are used to remove and transport sewage, but special types of work and occupations also use sewage pumps. Such as fire drainage. How much do you know about sewage pumps? 

High-quality sewage pumps basically have the following performance characteristics: use advanced engines to ensure effective combustion, good combustion economy, low noise and vibration, light weight, and small size; use aluminum alloy self-priming pump body, cast iron impeller/turbine The cover greatly improves the durability of the 4 inch water pump; adopts the international standard PF thread, which has strong versatility and can be configured with different types of water pipes; the full frame protection ensures that the pump has outstanding performance under harsh conditions; Large flow, high lift, stable performance, beautiful appearance, wide application range, easy maintenance; widely used in sewers and engineering sewage.

How much do you know about 4 inch water pump?

4 inch water pump is improved on the basis of traditional water pump. It is composed of a combination of a generator and a water pump. No need to connect the power cord. Just add fuel (diesel) and it can be energized to get rid of the impact caused by power outages. The operation is safer and more convenient to use, and the lift can reach 31M. It is suitable for pumping up to 30% solids of sewage, and suitable for pumping up to 30mm of soft particles. Ensure that the self-priming height is 5 meters, and the long screw assembly is convenient for maintenance. The Hansa four-inch sewage pump is used for agricultural irrigation, aquaculture, sewage pumping, and marine equipment. And it has fast power start, stable operation, low vibration, low fuel consumption, small size, compact structure, stable and reliable ignition.