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Small diesel engine manufacturer show you why small diesel engine burning tile

Date: 2021/27/04

With the development of society and industrialization everywhere, the appearance of small diesel engine not only liberates the labor force, but also avoids solving the problem that large diesel engine is not convenient to use and has high cost. With the widespread use of small diesel engine, small diesel engine often appears the situation of burning tile, next we explore the reason of small diesel engine burning tile.

First, the long-term overload operation of small diesel engines. Engine running for a long time over-load will lead to high temperature, so that the concentration of oil and viscosity are reduced, the friction between the bush and the journal will increase and cause bush burning.

Second, the relevant parts wear or parts gap size is not right. After the engine oil pump use increases unceasingly, the related spare part attrition is serious, can not provide the lubricating oil in time, thus causes to burn the tile. The main bearing bush or connecting rod bush wear seriously or the gap size between parts is not right, too large and too small will lead to the formation of lubricating oil film is not easy, resulting in the phenomenon of burning bush.


Third, the use of motor oil does not meet the technical requirements of the locomotive. For example, oil aging, low viscosity, oil with water, oil type selection, etc. .

Fourth, the lubricating oil circuit appears the breakdown. The burning of a bush caused by a blockage in the lubricating oil passage of a crankshaft.

Fifth, there is not enough oil in the oil pan. When there is not enough oil in the oil pan for a long time, it is easy to burn the bush.

Therefore, when the small diesel engine appears the situation which burns the bush, may carry on the examination from above several aspects.