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Common faults of small diesel engine

Date: 2021/11/05

With the increasing popularity of our agricultural machinery, our agricultural machinery will have some problems in use and maintenance, so today we will briefly explain the common problems for small diesel engines.

The valve falls into the cylinder

Failure phenomenon: valve falling into the cylinder will damage the cylinder head and piston, and even cause major accidents such as a tamping cylinder.

Two-valve piston

Failure Phenomenon: the piston line to the top dead center and the valve impact, the diesel engine issued abnormal sound.

 small diesel engine

Valve rocker arm broken

Failure Phenomenon: when the valve shaking alarm is broken, there will be a noise in the cylinder head tank, the diesel engine automatically flameout, and if the intake valve rocker arm is broken, the exhaust pipe will emit white smoke.

Burning of valve and seat hole

Fault phenomenon: valve seal cone burning pits and pits, diesel engine work weak, exhaust pipe smoke, combustion sound abnormal, exhaust pipe overheating, and even red. Cooling cranks the crankshaft without heaviness and with a long, loud leak sound in the intake or exhaust pipes. The diesel engine starts with difficulty or not at all.

These are the common faults of our small diesel engine. We will tell you the corresponding reasons in the next issue.