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How to do the regular maintenance of small diesel generators?

Date: 2021/16/07

Many people think that large and medium-sized diesel generators need to be maintained and overseen regularly, while small diesel generatorsdo not need to be maintained. In fact, it is not. No matter how large or small the diesel generators are, their regular maintenance and overseen are very important. In fact, most of the time, small diesel generators are in the standby state, and the number of times they are really put into use is relatively small. Most of them are mainly in trial operation, and there are few opportunities for detection and maintenance. However, these emergency backup power supplies are indispensable. Therefore, how should we make the generator in most cases with less use be able to supply power immediately in an emergency, start reliable and safe, and shut down immediately after the power failure is completed?

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Maintenance of small diesel generator batteries. There are three reasons why a small diesel generator battery can't shut down once it has a problem. In the test run to take the means to stop charging the battery, will lead to low power. 2. The mechanical oil pump is driven by the belt, and the pump oil volume is large at the rated speed, but the battery power supply is insufficient, which will lead to a shutdown. When the spring in the interceptor valve is unable to seal the diesel oil ejected from the 4 oil holes because of the insufficient adsorption of the solenoid valve, it can not be stopped. 3. Domestic series battery life is generally less than two years, and there is no regular replacement.

Enable maintenance of solenoid valve of small diesel generator. When the generator is started, the workers summed up a maintenance method of "one look, two listen, three touches and four smell". Open the listening, is a very important link. Two "clicks" can be heard within three seconds. As long as you can not hear the second sound, it is necessary to check and start the solenoid valve is not working normally, if the solenoid coil is burnt, of course, the generator can not be started. Maintenance of diesel oil and lubricating oil for small diesel generators. Because small diesel generators are generally static, each material of the unit itself will have complex chemical and physical phenomena with oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air, etc., so the unit will be "put" bad. Therefore, attention should be paid to the oil problem.

No matter how large or small a diesel generator is, regular maintenance and maintenance are very important. Here we remind you not to forget to maintain and repair your small diesel generator regularly!