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What are the technical requirements for small diesel generators in various industries?
  2021/08/06| View:47

For small diesel generator, only to have certain technical requirements, can we make it, had a space to rise, though the industry demand for small diesel generator is roughly same, simple operation, low fault rate and can start at any time, timely supply safe and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low noise, the power supply voltage and frequency of the generator should be able to meet the requirements of electrical equipment. But if the unit can not meet the above technical requirements, will affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.

For example, the small diesel generator in the work of the speed is not a stable fault, the generator voltage and frequency will be high and low. This causes a number of problems:

The UPS used by the communications department will issue an alert; The lights will go on and off; When the department of post and telecommunications carries out telex telegram, it will cause serious distortion of word change and fax image, voltage, and frequency instability will burn out the electrical equipment. In order to meet the technical requirements of various industries for small diesel generator sets · Operators and maintenance technicians must master the construction, principle, performance, and maintenance technical knowledge of diesel generator sets, and skillfully operate, maintain and repair diesel generators sets.

small diesel generator

In order to reduce the volume of ac synchronous generators and reduce the noise and vibration of the unit, generator manufacturers often adopt the single bearing structure and noise reduction technology. In order to improve the overall performance of ac synchronous generators, more manufacturers have changed from producing brush synchronous generator set to producing more advanced brushless AC synchronous generator sets.

The new technology of generator control panel -- Hai Run adopts microprocessor and digital display technology in power distribution and control systems. Some small diesel generator sets also have remote control interface functions. In this way, the operating parameters of the diesel generator set, such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, speed, fuel oil and generator voltage, frequency, and so on, can be fully monitored and automatically protected.

Only when we understand the technical requirements of small diesel generators can we have a better understanding of diesel generators.