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Small diesel engine failure will have the following warning signs

Date: 2022/20/09

It's normal for a small diesel engine to break down, but it can be used for a long time to keep the machine running as long as it's maintained on a daily basis. But how can you avoid some major failures, here's a look at some of these topics in more detail:

Small diesel engine

The first sign of sticking:

Cylinder sticking usually occurs when a small diesel engine is severely short of water. Before the cylinder sticking, the engine runs weakly. The water thermometer indicates over 100 ° C and drops a few drops of cold water on the engine block. There is a“Sizzling” sound and white smoke, the water droplets evaporate quickly. At this time should let the engine run at a low speed or idle to reduce the car temperature, if immediately flameout, will lead to the piston and cylinder liner sticky cylinder.

Warning signs of valve failure:

Valve into the Small diesel engine, generally due to the valve rod broken, valve spring broken, valve spring seat cracking, valve clamp off, and other causes. When the cylinder head makes a“When” knock (piston to valve), a“Chacha” friction sound (piston to valve), or another abnormal sound, the engine is not stable, often the precursor of the valve falling cylinder, at this time should stop immediately flameout, otherwise it will break the piston, cylinder head, and cylinder liner, and even the top bending connecting rod, break the body, break the crankshaft.

The precursor to a broken shaft:

When the recessive crack occurs at the shoulder of the crankshaft journal due to fatigue, the fault symptom is not obvious yet. With the crack enlarging and aggravating, the dull knock sound is emitted in the engine crankcase, and the knocking sound is aggravated when the rotating speed changes, and the engine emits black smoke, soon, the knock sound increases gradually, and the engine produces the jitter, the crankshaft breaks, then the olefin fire. Therefore, when the engine crankcase appears abnormal sound, should immediately stop inspection.

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