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Why does a Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine has so much power?
  2022/11/15| View:119

As we all know, China has been a big agricultural country since ancient times. With the development of science and technology, agriculture also began mechanization and modernization. For many farmers, Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine is very helpful; farmland water conservancy is less than its figure. Change on various supporting machinery, and the single-cylinder diesel engine can pull crops, plowing, playing field, harvesting, threshing, sprinkler irrigation, sowing, grinding flour, power generation, etc., is indeed a magic weapon. Later, single-cylinder diesel engines appeared in various models, are no longer single 12 horsepower (8.8 kilowatts), the name also diversified, and a variety of supporting facilities became complete. Single-cylinder diesel engine supporting a variety of agricultural machinery, the use of extremely flexible, adapts to a variety of environments, the field, hillside woods, and riverside ditches let it shine.

Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

And recently, there has been a more interesting topic online:  Why a single cylinder air cooled diesel engine has so much power? Indeed, in many people's eyes, a 12-horsepower tractor can pull 10 tons and 20 tons of goods with unique strength. Or, for example, plowing, a small walk-behind tractor head installed on the drive plow in the hard land can plow 15 acres a day and only burn 20 liters of diesel. Another example is driving the pumping machine. A 12-horsepower Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine can drive a large pump and a large pond of water for 3 hours to pump out, which is amazing.

Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine design is simple and easy to manufacture. With its cylinder diameter, long piston stroke, and heavy flywheel, to put it bluntly, it is developed for agricultural production. Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine does not seek speed, only torque (that is, the people think "strong"). It is a kind of agricultural machinery rather than a transport vehicle. Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine with low speed, high torque, but slow speed. A tractor pulling several tons, more than ten tons, is true, but it runs very slowly, like a snail. Although the car is not as strong as the tractor, it is fast and an hour can easily drive a long way. The positioning of the two is different, and the use of different occasions and the purpose of manufacturing are different.

Therefore, although Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine has great power, at the same time, it also gives up speed. However, even so, Single cylinder air-cooled diesel engine is still an indispensable and important part of the agricultural field.

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