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How to start a small diesel generator properly?
  2022/11/29| View:117

A small diesel generator is a portable diesel generator that can be used to solve the problem of lack of electricity, whether on a field site or on a suburban project, so as not to affect the progress of the project. So how do small diesel generators start up properly?


small diesel generator

Start-up steps for small diesel generator:


1. Before starting a small diesel generator, you must carefully check whether the wiring of each part is correct, whether the connecting parts are reliable, whether the brush is normal, whether the pressure meets the requirements, whether the grounding wire is good, and other basic conditions.


2. Before starting the small diesel generator, place the resistance of the excitation rheostat in a large position and disconnect the output switch. The small diesel generator with the clutch should be disengaged from the clutch. Start the diesel engine with no load and run smoothly before starting the diesel generator. But now it's mostly automated machines, so there's less of that.


3. When the diesel generator starts to operate, you should always pay attention to any mechanical noise, abnormal vibration, etc. . After confirming that the situation is normal, adjust the diesel generator to the rated speed and the voltage to the rated value, then close the output switch, external power supply, the load should be gradually increased, and strive to three-phase balance.


4. Small diesel generator parallel operation must meet the same frequency, voltage, phase, and phase sequence of the same conditions can be carried out.


5. Small diesel generators give off a lot of heat when they are working, so pay attention to cooling.


These are the right steps to start a small diesel generator. We hope they will help you understand our product better, and if you have any other questions, you can contact us directly.