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Components of a small diesel engine
  2022/12/28| View:340

What are the components of a small diesel engine? Agricultural small diesel engines mostly use single-cylinder, horizontal four-stroke diesel engines. Small single-cylinder diesel engine with a body zero body, crank linkage mechanism and intake and exhaust system, diesel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, and starting device.


small diesel engine

1. The body parts mainly include the body, cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder gasket, oil sump, etc.


2. The crank rod mechanism mainly includes the piston, piston ring, piston pin, crank rod, crankshaft, and flywheel composition.


3. The air exchange system

The function of the air exchange system is in accordance with the requirements of the diesel engine working cycle, on time to supply fresh air, timely exclusion of exhaust gas air exchange system mainly by the air filter, air intake branch, air distribution mechanism, exhaust branch, and silencer fire extinguisher composition.


4. The supply system

The function of the diesel fuel supply system is to spray the diesel fuel into the cylinder in a good atomized form according to the load of the diesel engine so that the diesel fuel and the inhaled air can be mixed and burned quickly and evenly. The supply system of a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine consists of the fuel tank, coarse filter, oil pipe, fine filter, injection pump, high-pressure oil pipe, injector, and speed regulator.


5. The function of the lubrication system is to provide clean lubricating oil to the friction surfaces to reduce the wear and tear of the parts and the loss of power. Lubrication system and sealing, cooling, cleaning, and rust prevention role. Lubrication system mainly by the oil sump, oil set filter, oil pump, oil pressure indicator, oil dipstick, and other components.


6. The function of the cooling system is to take away the heat of the high-temperature parts in time, so that the diesel engine in the most suitable temperature work, small diesel engine cooling methods have water-cooled and air-cooled two, generally more evaporative water cooling methods. It is composed of a water tank, water filling funnel, water level indicator, water jacket, and cylinder head water jacket. The water level indicator is used to indicate the amount of cooling water. Some small single-cylinder diesel engines with forced circulation water cooling, this diesel engine increased the circulation pump and radiator, some small single-cylinder diesel engines also have the use forced air cooling method, mainly by the heat sink, fan, air guide cover, and fixed version, and other components.


Small single-cylinder diesel engines have 2 kinds of starting devices, there are two ways of hand-crank starting and electric starting. Hand crank starts mainly consists of a flywheel, starting claw, hand crank, and decompression mechanism. The electric starter is mainly composed of a starter, generator, voltage regulator battery, and key switch.

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