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What are the characteristics of small diesel generators?
  2023/02/01| View:121

The small diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, that refers to diesel fuel, such as a diesel engine as the engine drives the generator to generate power machinery. Industry below 30KW is called small diesel generators, widely used in schools, hospitals, hotels, and other industries, as a backup power supply or temporary power supply.


small diesel generators

The characteristics of small diesel generators.

1, start quickly, and can quickly reach full power in only a few seconds, emergency within 1 minute with the expiry of the full load (normal 5 ~ 30 minutes) downtime process is short, you can start and stop frequently.

2, high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption (thermal efficiency 30-46%)

3, the use of a wide range of diesel generator set construction and power generation of the comprehensive cost is low.

4, low harmful emissions, good fire safety.

5, small diesel generators are ultra-quiet and do not affect normal work.

6, the whole set is generally composed of a diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control with storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet, and other components. The whole can be fixed on the foundation, positioning use, and can also be installed on the trailer for mobile use.

7, despite the low power of small diesel generators, because of their small size, flexibility, lightweight, complete package, and easy of operate and maintain, so widely used in mines, railways, field sites, and road traffic maintenance.


The above is about the content of small diesel generators, hope to bring you help. We produce small diesel generators with small size, strong horsepower, safe and reliable use, stable quality, low price, and other advantages, if you have a need, you can always contact us.