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What matters need to pay attention to when installing small diesel engine pump?

Date: 2022/18/01

Small diesel engine pump is mainly ordinary hot water circulation pump on the basis of a cooling mechanical seal between the pump and the motor sealing chamber, the tap water before starting the pump to the sealed chamber using tap water cooling mechanical seal, and the temperature of the pump body is not transferred to the motor above. Suitable for metallurgy, power station, textile, chemical, heating and waste heat utilization system in the pipeline or closed loop in the hot water circulation or organic exchange medium transmission, for the transmission of heat exchange medium pump, medium and pump is under high temperature, but the pressure of the system is not high.

Small diesel engine water pump is conveying material attached centrifugal force, the pump body before work and feed pipe line must be stinking liquid to vacuum condition, when the fast rotating impeller blade makes liquid rapidly rotating, rotating liquid material under the action of centrifugal force, fly away from the impeller and pump water is thrown, the impeller cause vacuum area at the center of the department. The liquid material is pressed into the feed pipe through the pipe network under the action of atmospheric pressure. In this way, continuous transmission can be realized through repeated circulation.

small diesel engine pump

In the installation of small diesel engine pump should pay attention to the following matters:

1, before installation, carefully check whether the number of assembly sealing parts is enough, whether the components are damaged, especially whether the dynamic and static rings are damaged, cracks and deformation and other defects. If any problem occurs, repair it or replace it with a new part.

2, check the shaft sleeve or gland chamfering is appropriate, if not meet the requirements must be trimmed.

3. All components of mechanical seal and their related assembly contact surfaces must be cleaned with acetone or anhydrous alcohol before installation. The installation process should be kept clean, especially the movable and static rings and auxiliary sealing elements should be free of impurities and dust. The static and dynamic rings are coated with a layer of clean oil or turbine oil.

4. Clamping cap should be carried out after coupling alignment. Bolts should be tightened evenly to prevent deviation of gland section. Check each point with feeler gauge or tool, and the error is not more than 0.05mm.