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Precautions for use of small diesel generators

Date: 2022/22/02

One, Standby power supply. When the power problem is difficult to be solved temporarily, the small diesel generator will be used as standby power supply, and it will be used as a common power supply in emergency;

Two, small diesel generator tips: emergency power supply, mainly used in the power supply has a very strict requirements of the unit, in order to prevent emergency situations, such as circuit failure or excessive load burn out insurance temporary power outage, the use of small diesel generator as emergency power supply;


Three, small diesel generator tips: common power supply, one is remote villages and towns because the grid is not perfect, often appear power failure, power failure. The second is field construction, but the equipment used in construction must be plugged in to run, so small diesel generators are used as daily power supply;

Four, mobile power supply. Mobile power supply, no fixed place of use. The unit is convenient and flexible in design with four universal moving wheels, and large ones will use trailers. Mainly used in construction units, outdoor maintenance, summer power emergency repair and urban road maintenance.

The above is the use of small diesel generator should pay attention to some matters, if you have any questions about the generator or want to buy a small diesel generator, you can contact us at any time, we will promptly solve the problem for you, and provide you with a purchase plan that can make you satisfied.