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How to solve valve leakage of small diesel generator?

Date: 2022/15/03

Small diesel generatorsare compact in structure, small in size and light in weight, about 30% lighter than general generators, without the excitation windings, exciter and AVR regulator and other complex energy dissipation devices of general generators. Efficiency and power factor than the general generator about 20% higher, super overload capacity. So how to solve the small diesel generator valve leakage?

Small diesel generators

Small diesel generator valve leakage: gasoline engine valve leakage will lead to cylinder compression force decline, gasoline combustion is not sufficient. When the valve leakage is more serious, the machine is not easy to start, after starting the engine speed is unstable, the work will hear the "shush, shush" hiss, at the same time the exhaust smoke or carburetor backfire, gas phenomenon. The common reasons for valve leakage are as follows: one is improper adjustment of valve clearance, two is serious valve ablation, and three is carbon accumulation of valve head or valve rod.

If valve leakage is found, the valve clearance of small diesel generator should be visually checked to see whether it meets the requirements. If not, it should be adjusted. If the fault phenomenon still exists, check whether there is carbon accumulation in the valve head or valve rod and whether the valve is ablated. If the valve has carbon accumulation, should be cleaned; If the valve is ablated, the valve spring and inlet and exhaust valve should be removed, cleaned these parts with gasoline, and then coarse grinding with 120 coarse sandpaper, and then fine grinding with 280 fine sandpaper, or grinding with grinding sand, until the valve and the valve seat completely fit so far; If the valve ablation is serious, it should be hinged first.