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Cause and troubleshooting analysis of small diesel engine flying

Date: 2022/26/04

Small diesel engine flying refers to the speed out of control, sharply increased to far above the rated speed, and accompanied by severe vibration and abnormal noise. If the diesel engine fails to take effective measures in time, it will cause the connecting rod bolts to break and damage the cylinder head, engine cylinder block, piston, and other parts, at the same time there will be flywheel fracture, valve, and valve spring fracture and other major accidents, even a direct threat to personal safety.

There are two main reasons for flying small diesel engines: first, a large amount of oil into the cylinder combustion, diesel internal oversupply. Second, because of the governor, the governor is adjusted to the limited position. In the form of:

(1) The flywheel of the governor falls off.

(2) The speed regulating spring is broken.

(3) Governor limit screw is loose.

(4) The rack of the fuel injection pump is stat the maximum fuel supply position.

(5) The connection between the rack and the tie rod of the fuel injection pump is loose.

(6) The rack and pinion of the fuel injection pump are misaligned.

(7) There is too much oil in the wet air filter.

(8) There is too much oil in the oil pan.

(9) piston and cylinder liner wear, a large number of oil leakage.

When the small diesel flying car, should be calm and decisive to take effective measures to stop, do not panic.

1. Quickly and forcefully pull the air filter and plug the intake pipe. If the filter can not be removed in time, you can use clothes or towels to filter the air intake tightly, so that the air into the cylinder, the small diesel engine stall. It's the most effective way to stop flying.

2. When the vehicle is heavy, it can increase the diesel load and stop the small diesel engine.

3. Quickly loosen the high-pressure tubing connection nut and cut off the diesel supply. If you can't find a wrench, you can also smash the high-pressure fuel line to stop the small diesel engine.

4. Just fly, can reduce pressure handle to reduce pressure position, stop small diesel engine. This method can not be used if the speed of the diesel engine is already very high.