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Development prospect of small diesel engine

Date: 2022/17/05

The small diesel engine is widely used and is at the core of its industrial chain. In the past decade, the small diesel engine manufacturing industry has formed a series of supporting enterprises. Many small diesel engine enterprises are acting as the final assembler, small diesel engines some key parts, such as crank connecting rod, piston, cylinder liner, Cam, and so on are produced by professional companies. It enables specialized small diesel engine manufacturers to focus on their own advantages, focusing on the design and manufacture of small diesel engines.

In the next few years, with the continuous upgrading of national emission standards, the emission requirements of small diesel engines will be higher and higher. Energy-saving and emission improvement have become the inevitable trend of diesel engine development. Improving the technical level of diesel engines and developing clean and green power will become a director of the diesel engine industry in the future. The diesel generator has made great progress in both domestic and foreign markets, and the application scope of the electric generator has been expanding. Automatic power generation equipment with high reliability, high stability, and continuous operation is needed in many fields. At present, the high-end generators in the domestic market are all imported brands, and the R & D and production of high-end generators with independent intellectual property rights is an inevitable requirement for the development of diesel generators.

Based on the development trend of domestic and international small diesel engines, they are developing towards the direction of large emission, low emission, low fuel consumption, low noise, and environmental protection. In recent years, domestic small diesel engines through improving technology, joint venture production, the introduction of technology, and independent research and development, narrowed the gap with foreign engines.