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How to maintain a small diesel generator

Date: 2022/22/06

Corrosion is usually attached to the surface of a component that has been removed from a small diesel generator. This is known as rust or rust. If the rust layer is not removed from the metal surface in a timely manner, it will gradually thicken and eventually lead to damage to small diesel generator

assemblies. To ensure that the diesel generator parts are intact, we need to clean the metal surface of the rust layer. Here's a look at ways to clean up the rusted surface of a small diesel generator:

small diesel generator

1. Chemical rust removal

Chemical derusting is a process in which the corrosion layer is removed by a chemical reaction between the oxide of the corrosion layer on the surface of a part and an acid solution. Hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid solution is the maintenance unit to use more, according to the thickness of rust can adjust the proportion of buffer.

When an acid solution is used to remove the corrosion layer, in addition to the corrosion layer being dissolved, the steel parts themselves will also react with the acid solution, in order to avoid damage to the parts themselves, an acid solution is used to remove the rust layer. A certain proportion of the corrosion inhibitor, such as petroleum sulfonic acid or Hexamethylenetetramine, is added to the acid solution, this prevents the small diesel generator components from being damaged by chemical reactions, effectively preventing the entry of hydrogen.

2. Electrochemical Rust Removal

Anodic derusting and cathodic derusting are two methods of electrochemical derusting. The basic principle is to pass an electric current in the acid solution of chemical derusting to speed up derusting and feed the consumption of acid solution.

3. Mechanical Rust Removal

The removal of rust layer on the surface of parts by means of mechanical cutting and friction is called mechanical derusting method. Maintenance personnel can use a wire brush, sand cloth, and other tools clear the rust layer, which can also be used in electric machinery rust.

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