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What about a small diesel generator with Insufficient power?

Date: 2022/29/06

Feeling diesel generator and weak? This is most likely due to a lack of diesel generator power. Under normal circumstances, the power of a small diesel generator is a certain reserve, which can drive the normal operation of the working machinery. However, if the power is insufficient, the small diesel generator can not drive the work mechanical movement, there will be the following phenomenon:

small diesel generator

Black smoke coming out of the diesel generator. The exhaust pipe discharged a lot of black smoke.

Small diesel generators have high exhaust temperatures. The exhaust pipe is dark red.

The diesel generator speed drops or wobbles and makes a sound like it's not working.

So what causes the diesel generator to be underpowered?

1. There is a high probability that the fuel supply is insufficient

For example, a Fuel filter plug, a leak in a fuel line that is too long or too thin, the air in the fuel system, water in the oil due to poor fuel quality, a broken lead seal in the fuel injection pump or governor limit, or a leak in a fuel line that is too thin or too long Governor rod screw into too much, the length of the gear rod extension is not enough; fuel injection pump plunger wear serious, fuel supply is too small. These conditions can lead to a shortage of fuel supply, which can result in a shortage of diesel generator power.

2. It's most likely due to poor atomization

For example: nozzle poor atomization; cylinder head piston carbon serious; fuel advance angle is not right; compression gap is too large; nozzle out of the cylinder head plane is not right; valve seal is not tight. These conditions can result in poor atomization of the diesel generator, resulting in low power supply.

3. It's probably a lack of air intake

For example: dirty air filter; intake and exhaust pipe leakage; intake pipe dirty; gas timing is not accurate. These conditions can lead to a lack of air intake, which can result in a diesel generator power deficit.

4. There's a good chance it's not venting well

For example: the exhaust pipe is too long too thin, or turn too much; cylinder head exhaust dirty; exhaust muffler is dirty; exhaust timing is wrong. These conditions can result in poor air supply and exhaust, resulting in a diesel generator power shortage.

5. or external factors

For example: Diesel engine overheating; abnormal wear, diesel cylinder. Burn the tiles. Hold Axis and so on. All of these things can cause diesel generators to be underpowered.

So when a small diesel generator has a power failure, we first diagnose and remove the cause of his failure, and then according to different reasons, repair the trouble according to the method and procedure of starting trouble of diesel engine.

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