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Points for attention in the use of single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

Date: 2022/13/07

The single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine is widely used in the production of agricultural machinery as supporting power for many small agricultural types of machinery. However, because many users of single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engines do not have enough technical knowledge and do not know how to maintain the single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine so that the newly purchased single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine early wear and tear serious, power, economic type reduced.

single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

In view of this situation, there are three main points to be noted.

1. Maintenance of air filter. This is particularly important, but also the use of a single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine when the easiest to ignore. As the working environment of a single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine is relatively hostile, dust can easily be inhaled into the air filter. If not cleaned in time, it will inevitably reduce the effectiveness of air intake and air filter filtration, then causes the valve even the cylinder liner, and so on to advanced wear, reducing the service life of the machine.

2. Oil replacement and inspection. New purchase of single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine before use to check and add enough oil, be sure to change the oil after running in for a period of time. After the use of oil can be observed according to the viscosity, Colorfulness of oil for the necessary replacement.

3. Add enough cooling water and pay attention to anti-freezing. Cooling water to add enough water quality to better clean water, to ensure a better cooling effect, not due to the effect of scaling cooling effect, so that the engine overheating. At the same time, according to seasonal changes, in the low temperature after each work class will be completed, cooling water to be added to the next work class.

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