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Tips for installing a small diesel generator

Date: 2022/28/07

A small diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment. It is a kind of power machine that uses diesel as fuel and a diesel engine as a prime mover to drive a generator to generate electricity. There are a few other things to note when installing a small diesel generator.

small diesel generator

(1) The installation site should be well ventilated, the small diesel generator should have adequate air intake and the diesel end should have good air outlets. The outlet area is more than 1.5 times the water tank area.

(2) The area around the installation site should be kept clean and acid, alkali and other corrosive gases and vapors should be avoided nearby. Fire extinguishers shall be provided if necessary.

(3) If used indoors, the exhaust pipe must be connected to the outside, the diameter of the pipe must be the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the silencer, and no more than three bends should be connected to the pipe to ensure smooth exhaust, and the pipe should be inclined down 5-10 degrees, avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is mounted vertically upward, a rain shield must be installed.

(4) When the foundation is made of concrete, the level of the foundation should be measured with a level meter during installation in order to fix the unit on the level foundation. Special cushions or anchor bolts should be provided between the diesel generator and the foundation.

(5) The outer shell of the small diesel generator shall be securely grounded for protection. For generators that require direct neutral grounding, neutral grounding must be performed by a professional and equipped with lightning protection. It is strictly forbidden to use the earthing device of municipal electricity for direct neutral point earthing.

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