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8 specifications for using small diesel generator
  2022/08/11| View:4

A lot of friends think that the small diesel generator does not need to look after the normal start, in fact, this is not true, because the small diesel generator start is the most likely time for failure. It should also be checked regularly to make sure the small diesel generator is working properly.

small diesel generator

Here are eight tips to get started with the small diesel generator:

1. Place the voltage regulating selector switch on the switch screen in a manual position;

2. Turn on the fuel switch and fix the fuel control handle at the throttle position of about 700 rpm;

3. Pump oil manually and continuously with the high-pressure oil pump switch handle until there is pump oil resistance and the injector makes a crisp squeak;

4. Put the oil pump switch handle on the working position and push the pressure-reducing valve to the pressure-reducing position;

5. Start the diesel engine by the hand-cranking handle or pressing the electric start button. When the engine reaches a certain speed, pull the shaft back to the working position quickly to make the diesel engine start;

6. After starting the diesel engine, put the electric key back to the middle position, the speed should be controlled at 600-700 rpm, and pay close attention to the oil pressure of the group, the indication of the meter (see the working oil pressure value for details in the operating manual of various diesel engines) , if the oil pressure does not indicate, should immediately stop the machine to check;

7. If the unit runs normally at low speed, the speed can be gradually increased to 1000-1200 rpm preheating operation, when the water temperature is 50-60 ° C and the oil temperature is about 45 ° C, then increase the speed to 1500 rpm, observe the distribution screen frequency meter should be around 50 hertz, voltmeter for 380-410 volts if the voltage is high or low can adjust the magnetic field rheostat;

8. If the unit works normally, can close the air switch between the generator and the negative plant, and then gradually increase the negative plant, power to the outside.

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