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How to repair an overloaded small diesel engine

Date: 2022/23/08

As a result of long-term overload operation, a small diesel engine accelerated the wear and tear of components, prone to failure. Here are some tips for fixing it:

small diesel engine

1. Treatment of spilled oil from the tank

A sponge of the same size as the inner diameter of the filter can be placed in the filter so that the fluctuation of the diesel oil in the fuel tank of a small diesel engine can be reduced and mitigated to prevent oil leakage, and effectively filter the dust into the fuel tank air.

2. Skillfully repair the wear and leakage of high-pressure tubing

Small diesel engine high-pressure fuel pipe at both ends of the convex head and injector, fuel valve oil leakage phenomenon can be cut off from the exhaust cylinder cushion, can solve the emergency.

3. Remove the iron filter element skillfully

The iron filter in the air filter is difficult to clean with diesel oil. If the filter sticks to the diesel oil, it may catch fire and burn. After the fire is put out, hit the core with a wooden stick to make the fireworks fall off, which can completely remove the dirt inside and outside the filter.

4. Check the piston for elasticity

When the piston ring of the small diesel engine is insufficient, the standard new ring of the same model can be placed vertically with the circumference of the hole of the old ring, and the two rings are in the horizontal position. Then press both rings with your hands. If the new ring does not move, the old ring opening has been closed, indicating that the old ring is elastic, and you can continue to use it.

5. Fix the fuel tank leak

If a small diesel fuel tank is found to have been removed, wipe the leaking area and apply soap to the leaking area to reduce the oil leakage; if there is an adhesive such as epoxy resin, from time to time the adhesive to plug the leak, the effect is better. In addition, pay attention to the abnormal changes before the failure of the diesel engine, timely removal, prevent microcosm.

6. Abnormal temperature

Usually, small diesel engines overheat and have trouble with the cooling system. If not removed in time, will cause weakness, and even lead to the burning of pistons and other parts.

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